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From the Supreme Court on down to the county courthouse, police law and decisions affecting law enforcement change on a daily basis. The Legal topic page on PoliceOne is a must-read for any officer, at any agency, who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Every trial, verdict, and court decision that has to do with cops will be covered on this page, which also features expert analysis.
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October 27, 2014

Multiple cases involving Ferguson officer dropped

Judge on Monday dismissed a pending felony drug case after Officer Darren Wilson failed to show up in court - Full Story
October 27, 2014

Slain girl's estate sues police agencies over response time

Lawsuit alleges that authorities should have immediately implemented a child abduction response team, instead of waiting until the next day - Full Story
October 25, 2014

Report: No escape charges for Ohio school shooter

T.J. Lane, 20, already was serving a life sentence when he and two other inmates climbed the fence during recreation - Full Story
October 23, 2014

Pride arrestee fined, officer assault charge dropped

Woman arrested at gay pride parade pleaded guilty Wednesday to harassment citations. Prosecutors dropped more serious charges that she assaulted an officer and a protester - Full Story
October 22, 2014
Pa. gov. signs bill in wake of cop killer's commencement speech

Pa. gov. signs bill in wake of cop killer's commencement speech

Gov. Corbett on Tuesday signed into law a bill that would aim to stop former offenders from causing victims mental anguish - Full Story
October 21, 2014
'Cadaver dog' work more accepted by cops, courts

'Cadaver dog' work more accepted by cops, courts

Increasingly, police investigators and courts are putting their faith in four-legged tools — canines that can detect even small particles of human remains - Full Story
October 20, 2014

Justices will decide case on warrantless access to hotel records

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to referee a dispute over police access to hotels' guest information without first getting a search warrant - Full Story
October 18, 2014

Judge denies Tsarnaev bid to suppress evidence

Tsarnaev's lawyers argued that the warrants authorizing searches weren't specific enough and that some items were improperly seized - Full Story
October 18, 2014
Do the cases the FBI cites support encryption worries?

Do the cases the FBI cites support encryption worries?

FBI Director James Comey says encrypting data stored on smartphones and computers could hurt criminal investigations - Full Story
October 17, 2014

Groups appeal for release of police license plate scans

Advocacy groups have appealed ruling that denied access to police records of license plate scans in LA, saying they are crucial to understanding the scope of government surveillance - Full Story

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