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From the Supreme Court on down to the county courthouse, police law and decisions affecting law enforcement change on a daily basis. The Legal topic page on PoliceOne is a must-read for any officer, at any agency, who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Every trial, verdict, and court decision that has to do with cops will be covered on this page, which also features expert analysis.
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May 07, 2011
Defense says Feds coerced teen into Ore. bomb plot

Defense says Feds coerced teen into Ore. bomb plot

Attorneys for Mohamed Mohamud (above) said in a filing Friday that an agent was a provocateur, attempting in emails to encourage Mohamud to 'engage in violent activity.'
Mohamud's writings said he wanted 'a spectacular show'
May 06, 2011
Drunken cop pulls gun on bartender

Drunken cop pulls gun on bartender

A drunken off-duty officer in New York was caught on surveillance video withdrawing his loaded service gun and aiming it at the bartender who was serving him drinks.
'I want him off the street'
May 05, 2011
Cops smash window at checkpoint

Cops smash window at checkpoint

The officers smashed the window after the passengers repeatedly refused to hand over identification and instead demanded the cop’s name and badge number. 'Am I being detained!?'

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