Video: Dashcam of rough Tenn. arrest used in dismissal motion

Man arrested in Jan. kicked officer in genitals, tried to grab another's firearm

By PoliceOne Staff

HUMPHREYS COUNTY, Tenn. — Dash cam footage from a January arrest is at the center of a court filing requesting dismissal that alleges officers used excessive force.

Darren T. Ring, 34, of New Johnsonville has been incarcerated in lieu of bond since his arrest on January 23 for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. Last week, his lawyer filed a motion requesting Ring be immediately released, claiming that “officers had beaten him and had to charge the defendant in an attempt to justify or cover up their own criminal conduct of aggravated assault on the defendant”, according to The Tennessean.

The incident occurred after Humphreys County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of gunshots in Waverly, Tenn. Ring was not arrested for firing the shots but was drunk when deputies arrived, according to reports.

The footage shows a group of officers repeatedly telling Ring to stop resisting arrest while he is laying facedown in the snow. In the video, deputies are heard telling a half-naked Ring to roll over on his stomach. When he fails to comply, they deploy a Taser.

Deputy James McCord wrote in his incident report that Ring kicked him in the genitals, poked him in the eye and tried to grab a fellow deputy’s firearm.

“He was continuously kicking and spitting on the deputies,” the incident report said. “He was extremely violent towards all the deputies trying to restrain him.”

Ring – who sustained cracked ribs and a punctured lung – was charged with resisting arrest, three counts of assaulting an officer and a parole violation. The motion requests that all charges be dropped.

Three deputies have been placed on administrative leave while the beating is reviewed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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