Video: APD officer-involved shooting unfolds

Cop shot suspect after partner used a TASER on the knife-wielding man

By PoliceOne Staff

ALBUQUERQUE — Video from an officer’s body-worn camera shows police answering a call from a woman who said her boyfriend was beating her and her parents.

Officer Damian Lujan shot 33-year-old Orlando Paisano -- seven or eight times, according to court reports of the incident, which happened last month.

Before lethal force was applied, the other officer, James Jung deployed a TASER on Paisano two times, but he refused to comply with police orders.

Police Chief Ray Schultz defended the officers’ actions and says that Paisano held his knife upright, slashing at the air in the direction of police.

"The officers continued to tell him to let go of the knife. He refused," APD Police Chief Ray Schultz told KOB.

After Lujan discharges his firearm, Paisano is handcuffed and successfully taken into custody.

Paisano – who has a long history of domestic violence arrests – faces two counts of aggravated assault of a peace officer.

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