Video: Police TASER Colo. man in jail cell

A man filed a lawsuit against Colorado Springs Police

By PoliceOne Staff

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A man filed a lawsuit against Colorado Springs Police that claims police used a unnecessary force and then lied about it in the police report.

Shawn Hudson, 36, was arrested in December 2010 for refusing to obey officers' commands, according to Police reports say he was drunk, argumentative, and wouldn't answer questions.

Jail video shows Hudson stand up, turn around, turn around again, then walk toward the officers and stop. A second later, Officer Alan Marks fires two TASER prongs into Hudson's chest and waist, which allowed police to handcuff Hudson.

"I told Hudson to step back and before I could finish my sentence, Hudson turned around and glared at me again and rushed toward me an aggressive manner," Marks said in his report.

The lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday alleges that jail video supports Hudson's case.

Officers say Hudson removed the prongs from his own chest, but Hudson says police ripped them out, leaving scars. In the video, an officer appears to remove the prongs.

As is procedure in such cases, Colorado Springs police will investigate to determine of department policy was followed.

"Obviously, there's more to the use of force than what you're seeing on the video," Sgt. Darrin Abbink said. "We are going to look at the reports to see why the officer thought that the use of force was necessary. There was a lot that went on before Hudson was taken into custody."

Hudson was on parole when he was arrested, and his parole officer revoked his probation.

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