Video: Suspect wrestles cop to the ground

Josh Schell, 21, is a former state wrestler

By PoliceOne Staff

GREENE COUNTY, Ohio — Dash cam video shows a former high school state wrestler literally wrestle with a deputy and get shocked with a TASER.

Deputy Josh Barrett found 21-year-old Josh Schell passed out in the front seat of his car last Friday, according to WRGT. Barrett approached the vehicle to investigate, but shortly upon waking, Schell began fighting.

In the video, Barrett unsuccessfully attempts to keep Schell inside the vehicle. Schell grows combative, apparently punching Barrett several times before launching what resembles a wrestling match in the middle of the highway.

The two are seen rolling over one another — throwing punches — and after a struggle, Barrett kicks Schell off and deploys his less lethal device in order to arrest him.

“It's unfortunate that any law enforcement officer would have to go through something like this. But with the help of a TASER the officer is finally able to take the suspect into custody,” Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer said.

Both were treated and released from the hospital, sources said.

Barrett is on currently on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, but he is expected to be back at work soon.

Schell was charged with felonious assault and OVI, and he is in jail on $50,000 bond.

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