Video: Police TASER soccer star

Officer Ramon Perez was working security off-duty at a bar when a Houston Dynamo goalie reportedly became confrontational

By PoliceOne Staff

HOUSTON — A goalie for Houston's pro soccer team was charged with assault for an incident involving an off-duty police officer at a bar, parts of which were captured on video.

Tyler Deric of the Houston Dynamo received an assault charge following the Saturday incident involving Officer Ramon Perez, who was working security at the time, The Associated Press reported. Warren Creavalle, another player, was charged with interfering with public duties.

It is unclear what the alleged assault entailed as the scuffle was not videotaped, but a video obtained by MyFox Houston shows police use a TASER on Deric, who reportedly was offended when members of his party were denied entrance to the bar.

Perez was dressed in his police uniform, according to the Houston Chronicle. Deric and Creavalle were both freed on bail Sunday.

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