Video: Fla. cops TASER jaywalker 'by the book'

Police used a TASER on an accused jaywalker when he would not show ID to officers

By PoliceOne Staff

CASSELBERRY, Fla. — When police used a TASER on an accused jaywalker who would not show ID to officers, a police captain said the incident caught on video was done by the book.

Zikomo Peurifoy was stopped for jaywalking in Casselberry, Fla., and refused numerous times to provide identification to officers, said ABC News

His friend took video of the incident that will be used in police training as an example of how to handle noncompliant subjects, according to police Capt. David Del Rosso.

"The officers were polite the whole time through and gave good verbal commands," Del Rosso said. "You hear the officer saying why he stopped him."

In the video, officers try to handcuff a resistant Peurifoy, who refuses to put his hands behind his back and is heard saying the officers are "assaulting" him. As the friend screams in the background for police to call a supervisor, officers use a TASER three times.

Del Rosso said Peurifoy prompted officers to deliver a third stun because he remained on his feet and appeared to be aggressive after the first two strikes.

Once Peurifoy hit the ground and was handcuffed, police booked him on charges of resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer. A concealed weapon was found that he holds a permit to carry.

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