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Less Lethal

Less Lethal

The Less Lethal topic section covers the complex topic of nonlethal force using Tasers and other weapons by police officers, with the latest news, training and expert columns. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information they need to properly deploy nonlethal weapons.
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October 10, 2012
'Tazed' pizza delivery man doesn't give up pies

'Tazed' pizza delivery man doesn't give up pies

Suspect admitted to attacking because he was hungry and wanted pizza - Full Story
October 10, 2012

Video: Police deploy TASER on LSD-tripping tourist

Suspect had "an adverse reaction" to LSD he took during a St. Patrick's Day celebration - Full Story
October 03, 2012

Video: Machete-wielding man TASERed in police HQ

Suspect entered the station and asked for an officer by name - Full Story
October 01, 2012

Court won't allow less lethal suit to move forward

The high court on Monday refused to hear an appeal from the parents of James Christopher Allen - Full Story
September 30, 2012

Pepper-sprayed protesters to share $1M settlement

If the $1 million settlement is approved, total costs associated with the incident could exceed $2 million - Full Story
September 27, 2012

Study: No extra risk to TASER youth vs. adults

Adolescents stunned by a less-lethal device do not appear to be at higher risk for serious injury than adults - Full Story
September 20, 2012

Pepper-spraying campus cops won't face charges

Images the of 'pepper-spray cop' incident became a rallying point for the Occupy Wall Street movement - Full Story
September 19, 2012

Cincinnati PD move to 'aim for the back' TASER use

The policy also prohibits frontal shots, except in self-defense or to defend someone else - Full Story
September 17, 2012

Video: Smug activist TASERed outside courtroom

Man said he is exempt from most laws due to his political beliefs - Full Story
September 14, 2012

Officials settle UC Davis pepper-spray case

Current and former students who were pepper-sprayed during an Occupy demonstration filed suit - Full Story

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