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Less Lethal

Less Lethal

The Less Lethal topic section covers the complex topic of nonlethal force using Tasers and other weapons by police officers, with the latest news, training and expert columns. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information they need to properly deploy nonlethal weapons.
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Bill clears way for stun guns in N.J.

Related story: Officials want N.J. officers to carry stun guns By Tom Baldwin The Courier-PostTRENTON,... - Full Story


New study: TASERs “as safe as weapons can be,” not “instruments of death” Force Science Institute - Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts

New study: TASERs “as safe as weapons can be,” not “instruments of death”

From Force Science News Click here for a free subscription A first-of-its-kind, case-by-case study of in-custody deaths asso... - Full Story


Calif. man dies after being shot with TASER

By Chelsea Phua The Sacramento BeeWOODLAND, Calif. — A Woodland man died Wednesday morning after... - Full Story


Police use TASER to subdue unruly man

By Hannah AdelySPRING VALLEY, N.Y. - Police used a Taser stun gun to subdue a Spring Valley man this... - Full Story


Domestic standoff ends with CS gas

By Jim Balloch The Knoxville News-SentinelTELLICO PLAINS, Tenn. — A domestic assault call that... - Full Story


Stun-Cuff: Deputy Takes Hits

A deputy takes hits with the Stun-Cuff.


Stun-Cuff Video

Video highlights the use of a Stun-Cuff.


Controlled CDPM: The Next Generation of Officer Safety Tools

By Rachel FretzCorrections officers run an exceptionally high risk of being disarmed. Most officers don’t... - Full Story

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