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Less Lethal

Less Lethal

The Less Lethal topic section covers the complex topic of nonlethal force using Tasers and other weapons by police officers, with the latest news, training and expert columns. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information they need to properly deploy nonlethal weapons.
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La. department to get TASERs

By Steven Ward The Advocate GONZALES, La. — Police Chief Bill Landry is hoping the mere sight of... - Full Story


Wis. duo put stolen TASER on YouTube

By Jacqueline Seibel The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel WAUKESHA, Wis. — A Town of Waukesha man is... - Full Story


Study: TASERs make police work safer

By Charles Rabin The Miami Herald MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. — Well before University of Florida student... - Full Story


Calif. police laud added power of new PepperBall gun

Less lethal weapon used recent arrest By Mark Arner San Diego Union-Tribune NATIONAL CITY, Calif. —... - Full Story


Forget Tupperware, get ready for the TASER party

Tasers in the hands of civilians? How will these "personal protective" weapons impact the job... - Full Story


Lessons learned in Beaver v. Federal Way Ken Wallentine - Law Enforcement and the Law

Lessons learned in Beaver v. Federal Way

By Ken Wallentine Note : Although this particular incident involved the use of a Taser, it is importan... - Full Story


Pa. department excited about getting TASERs

By Janice Crompton The Pittsburgh Post-GazetteWASHINGTON, Pa. — As more neighboring police departments... - Full Story


British police train on TASER use

Xinhua General News ServiceThe public order teams of Britain's Metropolitan Police Service will be armed... - Full Story


Building a better mouse trap: The J & N Tactical Bang Stick Major Steve Ijames (ret.) - Less Lethal Options for Today's LE Challenges
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TASER International

Building a better mouse trap: The J & N Tactical Bang Stick

As most in the law enforcement community know, the Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) is a tool us... - Full Story


Fla. officer fired for excessive force during DUI arrest

Officer Coffey said he would not do anything differently; suspect was verbally assaulting him, threatening... - Full Story

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