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Less Lethal

Less Lethal

The Less Lethal topic section covers the complex topic of nonlethal force using Tasers and other weapons by police officers, with the latest news, training and expert columns. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information they need to properly deploy nonlethal weapons.
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Texas police fatally shoot woman who had 14-inch knife

Editor's Note -- These officers did a good job of trying a less lethal option against an emotionally... - Full Story


New ray gun turns up the heat

The Associated Press See Related Video Airmen pretending to be rioters scatter after being zapped by... - Full Story


Tenn. police test TASERs with video cameras

By Ronnie Moore, Staff Writer Chattanooga Times Free PressFort Oglethorpe police began training Tuesday... - Full Story


Oregon officers use TASER to free tangled deer

The Associated PressBeaverton, OR -- Confronted with a deer whose antlers were tangled in a rope swing... - Full Story


Rodney King revisited Capt. Greg Meyer (ret.) - Less Lethal Issues in Law Enforcement

Rodney King revisited

by PoliceOne.com Columnist Greg Meyer Sponsored by TASER The legitimacy of police power is questioned in the wake of a high-visibi... - Full Story


Two deaths in separate NY police TASER incidents

In the 35 years since NASA developed the Taser, the "non-lethal" topic has remained the same,... - Full Story


Man shot and killed in struggle with Houston officer

HOUSTON , Tex. -- (AP) A man involved in a struggle with a Houston police officer was shot and killed... - Full Story


Naked La. man dies after being stunned by police TASER

Editor’s Note: When a hyperactive suspect dies after a TASER was used, the TASER is often pinned... - Full Story


Ohio man dies after TASER incident

The Columbus Dispatch A man died last night after police officers used a Taser on him and wrestled him... - Full Story

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Less Lethal Options for Today's LE Challenges - Sponsored by TASER International Less Lethal Options for Today's LE Challenges - Sponsored by TASER International
with Major Steve Ijames (ret.)
Training to Think Training to Think
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