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Less Lethal

Less Lethal

The Less Lethal topic section covers the complex topic of nonlethal force using Tasers and other weapons by police officers, with the latest news, training and expert columns. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information they need to properly deploy nonlethal weapons.
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July 28, 2011
Video: Officer-involved shooting unfolds

Video: Officer-involved shooting unfolds

New footage from an APD body-worn camera shows the chilling encounter with a violent suspect who refused to drop his knife. Chief defends use of force
May 31, 2011
Johannes Mehserle due for early release

Johannes Mehserle due for early release

A year after facing life in prison for killing a BART passenger, former transit police Officer Johannes Mehserle will be released from jail in June 2011.
A chance to begin anew
April 11, 2011
Angry MLB fan hit with TASER, baton

Angry MLB fan hit with TASER, baton

Video posted to YouTube shows two officers hitting a reportedly drunken and combative man with a TASER and then striking him at least six times with a baton while onlookers chanted. 'Feared for our safety'

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