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October 17, 2015

Selex ES Unveils Falcon Shield

Finmeccanica – Selex ES unveils its Counter-Unmanned Air Vehicle (C-UAV) system, named Falcon Shield. Falcon Shield provides users with a multi-spectral threat sensing capability and, uniquely through the integration of an electronic attack capability, a multi-layered threat response.

Falcon Shield enables an operator to effectively and reliably find, fix, track, identify and defeat the security threat posed by low, slow and small drones.

The integrated solution includes Finmeccanica - Selex ES’s unique electronic attack capability to take control of remotely piloted drones and land them safely.
March 01, 2013

Vigilant Solutions True Story - Technology Evaluation

This true story shows a vigilant Lieutenant's efforts to acquire LPR to protect his community. Having many vendors approaching him, he put together an extensive independent evaluation in order to make the best decision - Vigilant was the clear choice.

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