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QuiqLite Pro Roll Over Video

See the QuiqLite Pro in action.


QuiqLite Hands-Free Uniform Light Review

QuiqLite was invented after recognizing the need for a hands-free concealed light source that could fit into a uniform shirt pocket for reading and writing in the dark. Check out the review.


SpeedTech Lights booth at CopsWest 2011

Those who attended the annual Cops West show in Ontario, California were able to see the actual 1970 Dodge Challenger from the new film “In Time” outfitted with SpeedTech Lights. The Challenger featured SpeedTech Light's Sleek and K-Force Series.


SpeedTech Lights Challenger Leaving Cops West

SpeedTech Lights Equipped 1970 from In Time leaving CopsWest convention center


Adamson Industries Presents Maxxima's LED Light Strip

Adamson Industries presents Maxxima's LED Strip Light. Awesome product, applications are unlimited and it is economical!


Tactical Application of Emergency/Triage Lights

A team demonstrates the use of Emergency/Triage Lights in a tactical situation.


Command Light Knight

The Knight Light Series offers full deployment in under 15 seconds, continuous 360 degree rotation and 110 degrees of vertical movement of the upper stage, so you can literally put light anywhere you need it, when you need it. An exclusive of Command Light, the light bank will actually extend over the side of the vehicle to provide light down embankments, for use close to the vehicle, and for technical/medical work.


Dallas County CCD Police Dept. Outfits Vehicles with SpeedTech Lights

A video highlighting vehicles outfitted with SpeedTech lights.


Dallas County CCD Police Department Gets SpeedTech Lights

Video highlights Dallas County PD outfitting vehicles with SpeedTech lights.


TruckersMall.net Presents the TurboFlare 360 Emergency Lighting Safety Device

TruckersMall.net shows the power of the TurboFlare 360. The TurboFlare has already saved lives around the globe,and has kept countless others safe.

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