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November 24, 2014
Thousands rally across US after Ferguson decision

Thousands rally across US after Ferguson decision

Thousands of people rallied late Monday in U.S. cities including LA and NY in protest of a grand jury's decision in Ferguson - Full Story
November 17, 2014
LAPD 'most wanted' fugitive found through Facebook

LAPD 'most wanted' fugitive found through Facebook

For 11 years, Eduardo Rodriguez was one of LA's most wanted fugitives, an alleged Toonerville street gang member accused of killing four people - Full Story
November 16, 2014

LAPD survey finds complaints about discipline bias

Survey of 500 LAPD employees found widespread concerns among officers and civilians that the department's internal discipline system is deeply flawed - Full Story
November 14, 2014
LAPD technology that tracks ex-cons stirs concerns

LAPD technology that tracks ex-cons stirs concerns

Technology not only tells patrol officers where crime is most likely to occur but also identifies and keeps track of ex-cons - Full Story
November 09, 2014

LAPD reviewing use of helicopters following fundraising event

LAPD has launched an investigation into the department's participation in an Oct. 27 fundraiser as well as other events - Full Story
October 21, 2014

Actress who claimed LAPD racial profiling charged with lewd conduct

Actress who suggested she was detained by police because of racial profiling was charged Tuesday with lewd conduct in connection with the incident - Full Story
October 20, 2014

Man steals LAFD ambulance sent to help him, pursuit ensues

A man being treated by paramedics stole an ambulance and led police on a pursuit that ended in a traffic collision, sending two women to the hospital - Full Story
October 17, 2014

Groups appeal for release of police license plate scans

Advocacy groups have appealed ruling that denied access to police records of license plate scans in LA, saying they are crucial to understanding the scope of government surveillance - Full Story
October 15, 2014

LAPD officials downplay report on 'ghost cars'

Officials Tuesday downplayed a recent report about falsified patrol records, saying it was an isolated problem that had been overstated and corrected - Full Story
September 30, 2014

LA pays millions as police, firefighter injury claims rise

Increased frequency and cost of leaves has forced the FD to spend millions of dollars a year in overtime and reduced the number of police on the street - Full Story

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