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February 18, 2015
Mexican Mafia killer turned LE darling is up for parole

Mexican Mafia killer turned LE darling is up for parole

Rene "Boxer" Enriquez is serving a life sentence for ordering the killing of one woman and for fatally shooting a man five times in the head - Full Story
February 02, 2015

Calif. governor weighs parole for killer in controversial LAPD lecture

Request for parole included letters by officials from 11 police agencies who said Rene Enriquez had helped with investigations and prosecutions - Full Story
January 30, 2015

LAPD criticized for event featuring ex-Mexican Mafia leader

Ex-Mexican Mafia leader serving life in prison for murder was escorted by Los Angeles officers to speak at a gathering of police chiefs and business leaders - Full Story
August 05, 2014

Md. man charged after threatening cop with mob hit

Man claimed to be a member of the Italian mob and threatened, "One day you'll get in this car ... and it'll explode" - Full Story
June 24, 2014

Sicilian mobster claims great-uncle slew NY cop in 1909

Police said a suspected Mafioso, one of 91 people arrested in a raid Monday in Palermo, had boasted his great-uncle killed a New York City police officer dispatched to that city in 1909 - Full Story

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