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Ocean Systems

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dTective™ from Ocean Systems provides law enforcement revolutionary, affordable, easy to use forensic video enhancement tools allowing them to get the best possible forensic video evidence from their video surveillance tapes. With the dTective system it's easy to demultiplex video and perform enhancement on your video evidence. dTective also offers forensic audio enhancement tools.

Ocean Systems
4016 Blackburn Ln.
Burtonsville, MD 20866
Phone: 800/253-7516
Fax: 301/421-1785
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Ocean Systems Provides Hardware, Software Training and Professional Services Creative Financing for Ocean Systems' Solution Ocean Systems DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course Digital Media Expert Larry Compton Joins Ocean Systems Ocean Systems Supplies the Latest in Forensic Video Hardware and Software Technology for LEVA Lab 2.0 Facility Upgrade Ocean Systems Omnivore v2.0 with Active Auto Sync™ Audio Capture Support Ocean Systems Releases Omnivore v.2.0 Ocean Systems Omnivore Digital Video Capture Tool Plays Vital Role in Stanley Cup Riot Investigation for Which LEVA and IRIT Will Receive the 2012 IACP Vollmer Awards Ocean Systems’ Omnivore Plays Vital Role in Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot Investigation Ocean Systems Releases Omnivore, the Next Generation of Digital Video Field Acquisition for Law Enforcement Maryland Capitol Police Selects Ocean Systems’ dTective Forensic Video Analysis Solution to Expand Investigative Capabilities European Law Enforcement Agencies Continue to Standardize on Ocean Systems dTective Forensic Video Analysis Equipment to Process Their Crime Scene Video University of Maryland Department of Public Safety Acquires Forensic Video Analysis Equipment to Better Protect Campus Ocean Systems ClearID v2.5, dTective v6.1, and dTective SP2 are Available for Immediate Download Media Forensics Masters Program First of its Kind to Open Fall 2010 Brazilian Federal Police Acquire Nine dTective Forensic Video Analysis Systems Ocean Systems Previews ClearID® v2.5 Forensic Image Clarification Software Ocean Systems dTective Forensic Video Analysis Systems Selected By DHS/FEMA CEDAP Program 100 LE Agencies visit Washington D.C. to train on Ocean Systems dTective Forensic Video Clarification System Ocean Systems Awarded CEDAP Contract for 100 dTective Forensic Video Clarification Systems
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