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At TASER we make communities safer with innovative public safety technologies that protect life and truth. Founded in 1993, TASER first transformed law enforcement with our electrical weapons. Today, we continue to define smarter policing with our growing suite of technology solutions.

TASER International
17800 N 85th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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Taser Use Expands; Deaths Too Candlelight Vigil this FRIDAY starts the weekend of TASER Foundation Activities First Takin' the Ride Motorcycle Rally Sponsored by the TASER Foundation and the Untouchables Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club First Non-Lethal Wireless TASER Projectiles Demonstrated at Ranges up to 30 Meters Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed Against TASER International Eleventh Lawsuit Against TASER International Dismissed The TASER X26 AND ADVANCED TASER M26 Two-Day Certified Instructor Course TASER International Receives Notice from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission TASER Foundation for Fallen Officers Issues Challenge to Support the Honoring Fallen Heroes Campaign This Holiday Season San Diego County Sheriff's Department Orders Over 830 TASER® X26 Electronic Control Devices Borden Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed Against TASER™ International TASER Seeks Dismissal and Sanctions for Frivolous Litigation TASER International Announces IACP Luncheon Cancellation Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against TASER International Dismissed TASER International Responds to Distortion of Law Enforcement Training Bulletin TASER International Clarifies TASER X26C Citizen Educational and Product Information Campaign in Miami, Fla. Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against TASER International Dismissed TASER International Receives Four Orders for TASER™ X26 Conducted Energy Devices Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board Issues Electronic Control Device Recommendations TASER International Corrects Significant Error in USA Today Story

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