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Wolfcom Enterprises manufactures the ultimate Law Enforcement Tool. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is much more than just a body camera. It is a Multi-Purpose, Multi-Functional Indispensable Law Enforcement tool that will assist officers in their day to day duties.

Founded in 2001, Wolfcom has launched several innovative products for Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Military, and Consumers alike. Over the years, Our core experience and expertise has been in Audio and Video, Security Surveillance, Night Vision Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Covert Pinhole Wireless Spy cameras. This valuable experience in Audio and Video that we accumulated over the last 12 years set the stage for the release of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye.

5910 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 1-800-282-1351
Fax: 323-962-1068
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Why Are We The Best?

Q: What makes the Wolfcom 3rd Eye different than other body cameras such as the Taser Axon and Vievu?

A: The Taser Axon and Vievu are only body cameras that can record video. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is actually a "Tool" that a Police Officer can:

1. Use to Photograph Crime scenes, Property damage, and Bodily Injuries.
2. Use to peek around corners without exposing his body to harm.
3. Tag the location of items tossed during a pursuit
4. Record Audio Statements from victims, witnesses, and suspects.
5. Connect to HDMI for for playback for quick evaluation during an emergency
6. Connect with a 2 Way Radio for communication
...And yes, it also has a built in Video camera that can record at 1080p HD Resolution for up to 17 hours.
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