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TARGAMITE—World’s Most  Advanced Robotic TARGETS

TARGAMITE—World’s Most Advanced Robotic TARGETS

Robotics company TARGAMITE introduces the “TARGABOT” — the world's first portable, user-programmable, computer-controlled target system with both predictable and unpredictable behavioral characteristics.

It is designed for any shooter who needs or desires to become a confident and thereby competent situational firearms user.  That’s TARGABOT’S purpose—to build muscle memory skills for swift and effective use when things begin moving unpredictably out there.   Unlike static targets, real threats don’t stand still.

Our end-user community would naturally be trainers within law enforcement, armed forces, and self-defense communities, but would also embrace shooters who, for whatever reason, want more challenging and engaging target shooting experiences that could potentially pay dividends in an increasingly volatile environment.

“This is the first target system that develops rapid target acquisition skills, which have become a primary focus in the tactical training context.” 
Jerry Miculek, World-Class Competitive Shooter

TARGAMITE—World’s Most Advanced Robotic TARGETS
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