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PA-HART - Vigilant Guard Exercise

A Pennsylvania-HART rescue technician (RT) is lowered from a UH-60 Blackhawk to an injured victim. Once on scene, the technician completes an evaluation and determines a course of action. He places a rescue strop around the victim and communicates with the Blackhawk via radio for the hoist hook to be lowered. Once the technician and victim are attached to the hoist hook, the RT signals and they are hoisted to the Blackhawk.


Handcuffed man falls off Mo. patrol boat, drowns

The state highway patrol is investigating how a life jacket came off a handcuffed Iowa man after he went overboard - Full Story


Ken Oldright: Seattle Port Police Marine Patrol Unit

This segment provides an overview of how Seattle Port Police overcome maritime obstacles. While the job is still the same as a patrol officer, adding the element of water creates new challenges.
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