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Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents

The Mass Casualty Incidents topic page provides news, videos and expert columns about dealing with large-scale incidents including terrorist attacks, dirty bombs, natural disasters like a tornado or a hurricane, an accidental collision of commuter trains, or a massive leak of toxic chemicals.
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August 26, 2015
Judge sentences Colo. theater shooter to life, orders him out of courtroom

Judge sentences Colo. theater shooter to life, orders him out of courtroom

Judge ordered 28-year-old James Holmes to serve 12 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, one for each of the people he killed - Full Story
August 25, 2015

W.Va. student with gun who took school hostages in custody

After initial negotiations, the suspect agreed to release the students and teacher, then eventually put the gun down - Full Story
August 20, 2015

After recent shootings, movie theater chain will start checking bags

Regal Entertainment Group announced on its website the bag checking might inconvenience guests but provides better security - Full Story
August 05, 2015

New gun background check bill proposed

Backed by the NRA, legislation would limit the ability of mentally troubled people to buy firearms - Full Story
July 31, 2015

SC church shooter pleads not guilty

Suspect faces federal charges including hate crimes, weapons charges and obstructing the practice of religion - Full Story
July 30, 2015

Video: Police release footage of Chattanooga shooter's DUI stop

Police released dashcam footage of gunman being pulled over on April 20 and undergoing roadside sobriety checks - Full Story
July 23, 2015

Scene emerges from Tenn. shooting

Officials releaseddetails of Chattanooga shooting, describing a chaotic scene of mostly unarmed Marines - Full Story
July 22, 2015

Official: SC church shooting suspect to face hate crime charge

Dylann Roof already faces state charges including nine counts of murder - Full Story
July 21, 2015

Peyton Manning visits Chattanooga in honor of those slain

Denver Broncos quarterback visited with local officials to show support after shootings - Full Story
July 21, 2015

US general: Some recruiting station soldiers should be armed

U.S. forces don't routinely carry guns when they are not in combat or on military bases - Full Story

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