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Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents

The Mass Casualty Incidents topic page provides news, videos and expert columns about dealing with large-scale incidents including terrorist attacks, dirty bombs, natural disasters like a tornado or a hurricane, an accidental collision of commuter trains, or a massive leak of toxic chemicals.
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April 03, 2013

Survivor of NY shooting rampage 'played dead'

The barber who survived last month's shooting rampage says he played dead and prayed after being wounded by the gunman - Full Story
April 01, 2013

DA seeks death penalty for Aurora shooter

Prosecutors said the offer to have Holmes spend life in prison wasn't a serious attempt at plea bargaining - Full Story
March 31, 2013

3 killed, 1 injured in Wash. bar shooting

Police have not made arrests but have detained a person of interest - Full Story
March 30, 2013

NC police: 3 dead after shooting, police standoff

The suspected shooter shot himself as deputies and SWAT team members surrounded the house where he was hiding - Full Story
March 23, 2013
Police: 4 people shot, 1 fatally, in Coney Island

Police: 4 people shot, 1 fatally, in Coney Island

Police are searching for 29-year-old Joseph Brown, who they identified as a suspect. Authorities said it was unclear what prompted the shootings - Full Story
March 22, 2013
3 dead, including suspect, in Marine base shooting

3 dead, including suspect, in Marine base shooting

A Marine killed a male and female colleague in a shooting at a base in northern Virginia before killing himself - Full Story
March 14, 2013

Newtown gunman had interest in mass murders

A law enforcement official briefed on the investigation says authorities found literature on other mass shootings at Lanza's house - Full Story
March 13, 2013

4 shot dead in NY, police search for suspect

State police tell media outlets 2 unidentified people were shot and killed at a car wash, 2 more in a barber shop - Full Story
March 10, 2013

SD gov. signs into law that teachers can be armed

The law, which supporters say could help tragedies like the Sandy Hook massacre, will go into effect July 1 - Full Story
March 06, 2013

Newtown police records secret, media seek access

Media outlets have pressed for the release of more records, which could shed light on a crime that has revived the national debate over gun control - Full Story

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