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Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents

The Mass Casualty Incidents topic page provides news, videos and expert columns about dealing with large-scale incidents including terrorist attacks, dirty bombs, natural disasters like a tornado or a hurricane, an accidental collision of commuter trains, or a massive leak of toxic chemicals.
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August 30, 2010

Ariz. gunman kills 5, then self

The man's two children were found safe with family in California - Full Story
August 30, 2010

2 Alaska officers killed, triggering standoff

The shooting leaves the town of Hoonah, population 800, with just one officer - Full Story
August 26, 2010

Drug cartel blamed for deaths of 72 in Mexico

Marines at highway checkpoint were alerted and fought the cartel gunmen, resulting in the death of 1 marine and 3 suspects - Full Story
August 23, 2010

Video: Fired Philippine cop hijacks bus, kills 8

The hostage-taker was killed with a sniper shot to the head after he wounded a police sharpshooter - Full Story
August 23, 2010
3 dead, 4 hurt in domestic Va. shootout

3 dead, 4 hurt in domestic Va. shootout

The shooter and his family had an ongoing dispute over a 1.5-acre lot after his mother died without leaving a will - Full Story
August 21, 2010

Final report released on Fort Hood shootings

Recommendations include improving communications between government agencies and military installations regarding potential threats, and expanding military bases' emergency response capabilities - Full Story
August 17, 2010

Fire kills 2 Wash. troopers, dispatch manager

House fire was the largest single-event loss of life in the 89-year history of the Wash. State Patrol - Full Story
August 05, 2010

Audio: Conn. shooter calls 911 before suicide

Omar Thornton told a 911 dispatcher that the beer distribution company was racist, so he took it into his own hands and 'handled the problem' - Full Story
August 05, 2010

Audio: Beer distributor shooting 911 tapes

Omar Thornton killed eight people and wounded two before killing himself - Full Story
August 04, 2010

Beer distributor gunman targeted managers

He quietly signed a letter of resignation and was headed for the door when he pulled out a gun and started firing - Full Story

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