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Mass Emergency Response

Mass Emergency Response

The Mass Emergency Response topic contains stories about large-scale attacks or threats, often involving terrorism, active-shooter situations, or bombings. Such events require several departments and agencies to respond to the same incident, making clear communication a priority.
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May 16, 2013

Suspect left note on boat: Boston attack was revenge

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote that the bombings were collateral damage for the wars on Muslim land - Full Story
May 14, 2013
Police: Man, 19, sought in New Orleans parade shootings

Police: Man, 19, sought in New Orleans parade shootings

Akein Scott of New Orleans is being sought based on several identifiers from the surveillance footage - Full Story
May 13, 2013

Video: Mother's Day shooting injures 19 at New Orleans parade

Police have vowed to find the person responsible for the mass shooting - Full Story
May 10, 2013

'Gunman' hired to storm movie theater for promo stunt

To promote its premiere of the new Iron Man movie, a theater in Jefferson City, Missouri, hired several people to dress in full tactical gear and storm the screening - Full Story
May 09, 2013

Ala. college unveils UAV for campus surveillance

The drones offer a new tool to campus police to investigate criminal activity and emergency situations - Full Story
May 05, 2013
Friend tied to Boston bombing seeks release

Friend tied to Boston bombing seeks release

Lawyers for Robel Phillipos are asking a federal judge to release him from jail, saying he had nothing to do with the deadly bombings and isn't a flight risk - Full Story
May 03, 2013

Officials: NYC should buy more police boats for disaster reponse

NYC officials say the city should take a roster of steps to handle natural disasters better after Superstorm Sandy, including boats - Full Story
May 01, 2013

Communications failure cited in Aurora shootings

Oolice and fire officials failed to tell each other when and where rescuers were needed following the theater execution - Full Story
April 29, 2013

4 injured in NM church stabbing, man charged

A man vaulted over pews and lashed out at the singers, other churchgoers held the man down until police came - Full Story
April 25, 2013

Boston police consider drones for 2014 marathon

When drones are introduced to the equation, paranoia goes through the roof, even if the crafts are conducting the same missions as police through other means - Full Story

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