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Media Relations

Media Relations

The Police Media Relations topic page gives PIOs or other department spokespeople the tools and techniques - from media training to Facebook and social media tips - to increase your effective communications with various media entities and help to shape the public’s perception of its cops.
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Cop told not to wear uniform at daughter's school

An officer received a call from his daughter’s principal asking that he never again come to campus in his police uniform.


Hidden camera catches cop removing pro-gun sign

Hidden camera catches cop removing pro-gun sign

Jon Gibson was shocked to find that the person removing his signs was a uniformed Somers police officer - Full Story


Law Enforcement and television

Law enforcement trainer and expert witness Roy Bedard talks with Betsy Brantner Smith about the effect media has on law enforcement, and how the rise of citizen journalism has police constantly in the spotlight.


Video: Parent fights cop at education forum

Robert Small became rowdy, yelling into the crowd and getting into a scuffle with the officer - Full Story


Parent fights cop at education forum

A Maryland man who didn't follow the rules at a state education forum was arrested for assault after he and a police officer providing security got into a scuffle.


NYPD: Upgrade iPhones to prevent theft

Police handed out flyers urging New Yorkers to use iOS7 for security features - Full Story


Video: Family cuffed as traffic stop escalates

What started as a stop for faulty plates turned into a mess when the suspect's family got involved - Full Story


Family arrested after out-of-control traffic stop

An officer is on paid leave while police investigate an arrest that escalated quickly when a suspect’s family arrived on the scene, and were ordered to the ground.


20 misconceptions TV taught us about police P1 Community - The Question

20 misconceptions TV taught us about police

A question posted recently on Quora asked, "What are some differences between the way crime and law enforcement are portrayed in movies or on TV versus reality?" PoliceOne columnist a... - Full Story


Calif. police policy of killing animals at range under fire

Officers often take severely injured animals to the shooting range to put them out of their misery quickly.

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