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August 17, 2015

Police: Md. man shot in struggle had mental health issues

Police said suspect was under the influence of drugs during the confrontation - Full Story
August 10, 2015

Video: Cop confronts and disarms suicidal NC man

Officer is being congratulated for his efforts in talking down the suspect - Full Story
August 06, 2015

Psych firm that screens Baltimore cops investigated

Employees and contractors were completing evaluations of mental stability in 15 minutes instead of 45 required - Full Story
August 05, 2015

Fla. deputies pull man from ledge above freeway

Officers worked together to save man from ending his life - Full Story
August 05, 2015

New gun background check bill proposed

Backed by the NRA, legislation would limit the ability of mentally troubled people to buy firearms - Full Story
July 15, 2015

"The Right Stuff" in Therapy: View from a Police Therapist

By Dr. James Tenney This article is provided by American Addiction Centers and does not necessarily... - Full Story
June 08, 2015
New style of policing works to defuse mental health crises

New style of policing works to defuse mental health crises

Police embracing this approach end more situations without violence place fewer people in the local jails - Full Story
May 30, 2015

Defense: Seattle man believed killing cops was his duty

Christopher Monfort wanted to kill cops when he firebombed police cars at a maintenance facility in 2009, and when that failed, he took action 9 days later - Full Story
May 18, 2015

Supreme Court: Police immune over arrest of mentally ill woman

Left undecided question of whether police should have taken special precautions when arresting armed and violent people suffering from mental illness - Full Story
May 14, 2015
Police arrest NY man shot after hammer attacks

Police arrest NY man shot after hammer attacks

30-year-old David Baril, who remains in critical condition, faces assault and weapon charges - Full Story

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