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December 17, 2014

Retired cop gives autism safety talk across US

Officer has made it his mission to educate first-responders and others about how to more effectively interact with people with autism spectrum disorder - Full Story
December 16, 2014

Can identifying mental illness stop terror attacks?

New studies have challenged several decades of thinking that psychological problems are only a minor factor in the making of terrorists - Full Story
December 08, 2014

Suspect in Amtrak attacks says he saw demon before stabbings

Passenger accused of stabbing 4 on an Amtrak train told police he began the attack after seeing another man turn into a demon - Full Story
December 04, 2014

Video: Mich. cops pursue homeless man driving stolen ambulance

Homeless man claimed he was heading to strip club in the stolen vehicle - Full Story
November 26, 2014
FBI data shows thousands of gun sales beat checks

FBI data shows thousands of gun sales beat checks

More gun sales than ever are slipping through the federal background check system — 186,000 last year - Full Story
November 21, 2014
Newtown shooter's history reviewed in new report

Newtown shooter's history reviewed in new report

Agency that investigated the background of the man who carried out the 2012 massacre is issuing a report on his mental health history - Full Story
November 17, 2014

Ariz. unions demand change after ex-officer with PTSD commits suicide

Officer Craig Tiger died after suffering with PTSD after a fatal 2012 shooting - Full Story
November 04, 2014

Minn. hospital patient attacks nurses, dies in handcuffs

Patient who attacked four nurses with a metal bar had been suffering from recent episodes of confusion and delusion - Full Story
October 03, 2014

No trial for man who crushed 7 police vehicles with tractor

Man was angry about a pot possession arrest when he drove a tractor over six cruisers and a van owned by the Orleans County Sheriffs' Department in 2012 - Full Story
September 12, 2014

Agency: Woman pushed CHP officer, resisted during arrest incident

Officer videotaped repeatedly punching a woman on the side of a freeway had just pulled her from oncoming traffic and she resisted by pushing him - Full Story

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