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September 12, 2014

Agency: Woman pushed CHP officer, resisted during arrest incident

Officer videotaped repeatedly punching a woman on the side of a freeway had just pulled her from oncoming traffic and she resisted by pushing him - Full Story
September 04, 2014

US gives $3.1M for Newtown school recovery

The school district is receiving more money for counseling and other services for parents, students and staff members - Full Story
September 02, 2014

Video: Texas police fatally shoot man with replica

Six officers opened fire on 30-year-old Jose Walter Garza after arriving on-scene - Full Story
August 31, 2014

Top 5 police videos of August

By PoliceOne Staff For the month of August, we take a look back at five videos that highlight just how... - Full Story
August 29, 2014

Calif. Senate passes new gun bill inspired by massacre near UCSB

Family members and police could ask courts to take away a mentally disturbed person's guns under the bill - Full Story
August 19, 2014

Video: Texas cop rescues autistic child from busy road

A North Texas mother is calling a police officer a hero after he saved her son from a dangerous situation - Full Story
July 22, 2014
Man arrested in Kan. pursuit that left girl dead

Man arrested in Kan. pursuit that left girl dead

Police Chief Pat Kitchens declined to discuss details of the case or declare that the suspect had fired the fatal shot - Full Story
July 14, 2014
US jails struggle with role as makeshift asylums

US jails struggle with role as makeshift asylums

Revolving door complicates the task of screening for mental illness, managing medications, providing care and ensuring inmate safety - Full Story
June 23, 2014

Video: Texas cop rescues woman seconds before train hits them

As the officer approached, the lights warning of an oncoming train activated — allowing him very little time to act - Full Story

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