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Misc. Law Enforcement Topics

This collection of Miscellaneous police stories features content that is not so easily categorized. The pieces featured here touch on elements of law enforcement and some not-so-common issues that concern cops.
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Video: US flag-covered spire hoisted to World Trade Center roof

With the spire as its crown, the trade center will soar to a symbolic 1,776 feet in the air — a reference to the birth of the nation in 1776 - Full Story


20 Mass. cops on leave for expired gun permits

All the officers are expected to return to work immediately following the renewal of their permits - Full Story


Bartender fired for reporting drunk driver to police

Her boss told her reporting drunk people to the police was bad for business - Full Story


Police file complaint against Mass. boy's rap videos

The videos show the boy slapping a woman's buttocks, engaging in sexually suggestive dances - Full Story


NFL player convicted of assaulting officer

NFL player convicted of assaulting officer

Dennard faces up to five years in prison for the officer assault and up to a year for resisting arrest - Full Story


P1 Weekly Update for 02/08/13

This week, Dave Smith recaps the good and the bad, including the rescue of a hostage from an Alabama bunker, the manhunt for an Ex-LAPD cop, and the death of a paralyzed officer.


Lx Polarized Optics prove perfect fit for public safety Loraine Burger - Perspectives on Policing

Lx Polarized Optics prove perfect fit for public safety

Sunglasses aimed at first responders feature comfort, durability, and affordable pricing - Full Story


N.C. department adds surveillance cameras

Police personnel have been tooling with the cameras for about 10 months, experimenting with locations and trying to get everything right - Full Story


At least 5 gunned down in 1 day in Chicago

One Chicago woman lost her fourth child to gun violence - Full Story


NYPD: Man in custody in fatal Manhattan fire

Witnesses saw the suspect start the fire in a second floor hallway after a domestic dispute with a woman - Full Story

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