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October 01, 2000
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I am a county police officer in the state of Maryland and I would like to debate the accuracy of a polygraph test. I can speak from personell experiences and they are fake in no way are they accurate. I took numerous poly tests and I passed all but one. But what does that mean. Nothing, the biggest lier can pass the test and the person telling the truth can still fail. They are a big joke and Law Enforcemnet agency's should not use them in the hiring process. Good canidates get turned down because the idiot poly operator said he was altering hid breathing there for the person must be lying. Give me a break. The test does not work. The poly schools say the test is 98 percent accurate. Now that is a lie. Your lucky if you get a 50 percent accuracy rate and that is with a great poly operator giving the test. At best. What a joke. The truth is there is only one way of knowing if someone is lying and that is just doing good old fashined police work. Police rely on a machine when in fact they just can't do they job as an investigator and find the truth out. A poly test is only good to help to further an investigation and build mere suspicion and furhter the investigation. not to pass judgement on someone is a lier or not. If they were so accuate why can't you use them in court. Because they suck and do not work

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