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Louisiana Police Protest Living Requirements

April 28, 2002

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Louisiana Police Protest Living Requirements

Member Submission

The Zachary Louisiana Police Department's officers have come together to protest a proposed ordinance by the Zachary City Mayor, John Womack.

All of our patrol units (which we normally take home) have been parked on the Mayor's parking lot at City Hall. The Mayor wants all Zachary City employees, including the Police Department to live inside the city limits.

For some of us, that poses a problem. We have officers that have inherited land or been given land by family. Some of these properties are outside of this living requirement.

We are talking about a few miles at best. We feel that this ordinance is rediculous. John Womack has been quoted as saying that our protest is, "shortsighted and immature." Our Chief of Police, David A. (Drew) Burk supports our decision to protest stating that he does not wish to alienate the mayor or the city counsil but that he will stand behind his department.

If you have any questions or are interested in this story please contact Sgt. C. Ray Day, Public Information Officer, Zachary Police Department for more information. (225) 654-1921 or email him at rday@zacharypd.org

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