Video: Cop adopts dog dragged by van

A police officer adopted an injured dog named Cricket

By PoliceOne Staff

WARREN, Mich. — A police officer adopted an injured dog named Cricket whose previous owner dragged it alongside a van by its leash.

Warren Police officer Michael Lake took over care of the pup after Keith John Parker, 43, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, according to the Morning Sun. Parker told police he dragged the dog because he thought she needed to go for a run, and witnesses reported Cricket suffered a lost claw and a gash above one eye.

Several officers offered to adopt her, but Lake "drew the lucky straw," he said, adding that since the believed-to-be Labrador retriever and terrier mix was brought home, she frequently rolls onto her back to request belly scratches.

The officer is eager to have Cricket play with his other pet, a German shorthair pointer.

"They should get along great," Lake said.

Parker's trial is scheduled for December 8.  

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