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Off Duty

Off Duty

The Off-Duty topic provides news, expert columns and other information about police off-duty life, from personal and family protection to mental, physical, and emotional health as well as financial security.
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Off-duty officer hospitalized after Ohio pit bull attack

Police say the dogs started charging at other people in the neighborhood - Full Story


Overtime an issue in Pa. policy debate

At question in the debate over the future of police pensions is how much overtime should affect retirement - Full Story


Off-duty officer fatally shoots man at Va. car wash

The officer was waiting for employees to clean his car when another man slipped into his car Saturday and drove it through the stall - Full Story


Federal charge for man in Memphis officer shooting death

The suspect was already charged with a being a felon in possession of handgun in death of off-duty officer - Full Story


Off-duty Memphis officer shot to death

Off-duty Memphis officer shot to death

31-year-old Terence Olridge died Sunday after being shot multiple times - Full Story


25 signs you’re a police officer's kid Alexa Brantner Morelli - The Cop's Kid

25 signs you’re a police officer's kid

If you’re a first-generation police officer, there are some things you should know about what it’s like to be your kid - Full Story


NJ cop charged in crash that killed colleague, civilian

The collision killed an off-duty officer and a second man. A third officer was critically injured - Full Story


For plain-clothes and off-duty carry: Imbed your badge into custom Kydex Dave Grossi - Tactics & Training

For plain-clothes and off-duty carry: Imbed your badge into custom Kydex

This innovative concept ensures that you’ll never be without your real official tin while you’re carrying - Full Story


Chicago cop recommended to be fired for fatal off-duty shooting

Chicago police superintendent has publicly disagreed with the criminal charges against officer - Full Story

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