Video: PD investigates officer for cursing at teen

The officer is heard swearing and threatening the teen, arrested for trespassing


HURST, Texas — A police officer has been placed on administrative leave following the arrest of a teenager that was caught on video.

Andrew Rodriguez, 17, who was arrested on a trespassing charge, is seen being taken to the ground and handcuffed when a second officer, Disraeli Arnold, arrives at the scene.

Arnold, a four-year veteran of the department, is heard swearing and threatening Rodriguez.

The teen’s mother, Kelly Pope, said her son is OK and that the family doesn't question the arrest of her son, but she believes the officer should be removed from the force, according to NBC DFW.

In a statement, Hurst Police said, “This is not behavior that the city of Hurst promotes or condones in any way.  We strive to build a stronger, safer community through our work around the city and will continue to do so through appropriate action.  The incident will be investigated internally."

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