Video: Officers investigated for kicking suspect

3 officers have been moved to desk duty pending the investigation of the video

By PoliceOne Staff

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — An investigation has been launched after video emerged of officers kicking a suspect.

Officers Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor, and Clive Higgins, all 10-year veterans of the Bridgeport Police Department, were placed on administrative status after Police Chief Joseph Gaudett learned of the video earlier this month, according to a press release from the department.

Gaudett did not reveal what led to the arrest and the charges lodged against the suspect.


“I’m concerned by what I saw and ordered the Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) to conduct an immediate, thorough and timely investigation,” Gaudett said in a prepared statement. “If violations are found, we will take action. Our officers are held to high standards and rightfully so, and we intend to maintain these standards.”

Officers say the suspect in the video never filed an excessive force complaint, according to WHDH-7.

An unnamed witness posted a video of the May 2011 incident earlier this month. 

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