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Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs

Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs

The Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs topic area features news, training and information related to cases involving potential or perceived law enforcement misconduct. This section serves the important function of pointing out, not pointing fingers, when a police officer has gone outside the lines.
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March 05, 2015
Highlights of DOJ report on Ferguson PD

Highlights of DOJ report on Ferguson PD

Report concluded that city law enforcement practices are discriminatory and unconstitutional and calls for sweeping changes - Full Story
March 05, 2015

Pa. student arrested while photographing cop takes suit to trial

City attorney described then-photojournalism student as "a meddlesome 24-year-old" with "very high-minded ideas about government" - Full Story
March 03, 2015

Cleveland leaders apologize over blaming boy for own death in OIS

Mayor said Cleveland's response was poorly worded and offensive, and the city will modify the wording of its defense - Full Story
March 02, 2015

Hawaii officer arrested after bicyclist killed

The collision occurred on a notoriously dangerous stretch of the road - Full Story
March 01, 2015

Off-duty NYPD detective killed in wrong-way crash

46-year-old Paul Duncan was assigned to the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau - Full Story
February 28, 2015

Fla. police chief fired for arrest in prostitution sting

He blamed his arrest on the pressures of his job, telling reporters, "The stress overwhelmed me and I made a very bad decision" - Full Story
February 25, 2015

Video: Fla. cop investigated after confrontation with homeless man

Police have opened a criminal investigation into an officer who was videotaped pushing and slapping a homeless man at a bus terminal - Full Story
February 23, 2015

Fla. cop reprimanded after being shot at 19 times in blue-on-blue

Officers mistook cop for a suspect after he joined in the pursuit in plainclothes - Full Story
February 19, 2015

Mo. chief mystified as to why cop turned off dash cam

"Nothing on that video suggests that we were violating anyone's rights. That's what makes it even more perplexing to me" - Full Story
February 18, 2015

Governor apologizes to India for Ala. use of force incident

57-year-old Sureshbhai Patel was hurt in a confrontation with Madison police while visiting relatives - Full Story

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