Video: Cop loses eye, suspect killed in gunfight

After the man fired his shotgun, officers returned fire and killed the suspect

By Cindy George
Houston Chronicle

CONROE, Texas — In the days since Conroe Police Sgt. James Kelemen Sr. was blasted in the face by a shotgun-wielding man, resulting in injuries that cost him his right eye, circumstances have improved far beyond his expectations.

Moments after being sprayed by the pellets Saturday, he doubted his survival. In the ambulance, he kept saying his career was over. By the time he got settled at the hospital, he figured he and his wife would be there for months.

A surgeon removed Kelemen's eye on Monday. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday, visited the Conroe Police Department on Wednesday and reluctantly recounted his encounter with the gunman and talked about his recovery Thursday afternoon.

"I feel great. I'm glad I'm here, but I didn't want a big frenzy over the policeman with one eye," said Kelemen, 34. "I never lost consciousness. I remember talking to him. I remember hearing the shot. I remember feeling the percussion. I remember feeling something on my face. I knew I was hit. When I went to the ground, I could see all the blood coming from my head and it was a lot."

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