Video: Shooting led to Texas cop's resignation

Cross was not indicted for any crime, but the 14-year veteran resigned

Editor’s Note:

Editor's Note: When this article was originally printed, it was mistakenly reported that the construction worker struck by a bullet died as a result. This was incorrect, and we want to clarify that there were no fatalities as a result of this incident.

By PoliceOne Staff

BRYAN, Texas — Dash cam provides more details about the shooting incident that led to the resignation of the ex-officer involved.

In the video, Bill Cross is seen approaching 20-year-old Johnnie Walton Harris Jr. in downtown Bryan, beginning basic questioning after he reportedly received a call of a suspicious person.

Cross asks Harris why he is in the area, and a few seconds later, a scuffle begins.

Screaming and shots fired can be heard, although the shooting itself isn't seen. Police said Cross opened fire after Harris reached for his firearm.

The Eagle breaks down the video's significant time markers:

• 2:20: Cross makes initial contact with Harris
• 3:20: Struggle begins
• 3:34: Cross says “I’ll shoot you.”
• 4:01: Shots begin
• 4:05: Shots end
• 4:11: Cross calls for medics
• 9:00: Footage from the rear camera begins
• 11:05: Cross arrives on scene
• 12:22: Struggle begins
• 12:35: Harris’ mother and grandmother pull up behind the patrol car
• 13:00: Shots begin
• 13:04: Shots end

Bystander Juan Garcia, an 18-year-old construction worker, was hit by a stray bullet intended for Harris.

The footage was presented to a grand jury one month after the May shooting, but it was determined that not enough evidence existed to proceed with a trial.

Cross was not indicted for any crime, but the 14-year veteran resigned from the Bryan Police Department less than 24 hours before Chief Eric Buske planned to release the findings of an internal investigation into the incident.

Because of civil service statues in Bryan, Cross' resignation effectively sealed the results of the inquiry, according to The Eagle.

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