Video: Mich. Lt. discusses cop's death

Muskegon County Sheriff Lt. Shane Brown describes the bank robbery that resulted in the death of Officer Trevor Slot

By Heather Lynn Peters
The Muskegon Chronicle


That's the only clear thought Muskegon County Sheriff's Lt. Shane Brown could muster while speeding down the interstate, gunfire exploding around him during a deadly chase that began shortly after 11 a.m. on Oct. 13 following a bank robbery in Ravenna.

“When you're in that type of situation, a certain disconnect happens," Brown said in his first media interview since the incident. "But there is a moment when you have a second to realize what's going on. I thought, 'Focus. Focus on the task at hand.' ”

Brown never imagined that the men he was chasing — Kristopher Cheyne, 36, and Derryl LaFave Jr., 32, — would end up striking and killing Walker Police Officer Trevor Slot with their fleeing vehicle.

Watch Lt. Brown talk about the incident below, and read the full story at

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