Video: Man escapes from police station, is later killed

Three officers turned their attention to a computer and a 19-year-old escaped police custody

By PoliceOne Staff

GARFIELD, N.J. — Newly-released surveillance footage shows a man's escape from a police department just before officers fatally shot him.

A judge ordered Friday that video be released to the public in wake of a lawsuit against the department by North Jersey Media Group.

According to the mother of Malik Williams, 19, her son was notified Dec. 10 that he was wanted for domestic assault. That day he went to the Garfield police station to turn himself in.

Upon arrival, Williams was escorted to the booking room, where he remained for more than two hours, reported.  He was handcuffed to a bar, but his cuffs were removed at various points — including to make a phone call.

When three officers turned their attention to a computer in the corner of the booking room, Williams fled. After his escape, police say they tracked him to a residential neighborhood, where he had armed himself inside a garage.

Police opened fire, and Williams was killed. According to his family, he had several previous arrests.

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