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Officer-Involved Shootings

Officer-Involved Shootings

The Officer-Involved Shootings topic page provides news about cops in deadly confrontations, as well as tactical tips and columnists’ perspective on how to handle such situations. Most police officers will go through an entire career without discharging their weapon in the commission of their job. But on a daily basis, every single officer thinks about being in a gunfight.
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NM officer involved shooting process defended

DA defended her office's handling of the grand-jury process used to review police shootings - Full Story


Law mandates fitness for police officers Lt. Dan Marcou - Blue Knights

Law mandates fitness for police officers

Be serious in your physical training — your life depends on it now and your quality of life depends on it later - Full Story


Maui resort evacuated as cops kill suspected thief

The suspect tried to flee in the vehicle and apparently pointed a handgun at an officer - Full Story


Calif. police shoot, kill man after bullet hits K-9

Confrontation ensued after pursuit of stolen vehicle that almost hit a group of children - Full Story


Even after being shot, suspect keeps beating Pa. officer

Assailant was struck five or six times, according to police - Full Story


Police: DC officer kills man who fired at him

Unidentified officer was grazed in the leg during shootout - Full Story


Is the piston the next big evolution for the AR? Andrew L. Butts - Firearms Evals

Is the piston the next big evolution for the AR?

One of the most discussed changes has been the switch from the original gas tube system to that of an external piston to cycle the action - Full Story


Man fatally shot trying to run down Tenn. police

Awakened in vehicle, driver fled, striking 2 officers' car - Full Story


Former BART cop appeals conviction for fatal shooting

Johannes Mehserle argued death of Oscar Grant was a mistake, but not involuntary manslaughter - Full Story


Setting the record straight on the Newhall Incident Mark Schraer - Moving Beyond Qualification

Setting the record straight on the Newhall Incident

For more than forty years it has been wrongly alleged that Officer James Pence placed spent casings into his jacket pocket during the gunfight - Full Story

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