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Officer-Involved Shootings

Officer-Involved Shootings

The Officer-Involved Shootings topic page provides news about cops in deadly confrontations, as well as tactical tips and columnists’ perspective on how to handle such situations. Most police officers will go through an entire career without discharging their weapon in the commission of their job. But on a daily basis, every single officer thinks about being in a gunfight.
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Angry Taco Bell customer fires assault rifle at cops

The man was angry the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone from 99 cents to $1.49 - Full Story


Video: Suicidal gunman kills Wis. cop

The Wisconsin man fired on cops during a six-hour standoff before killing himself while his sister was in the home - Full Story


Ohio cop shot, killed questioning suspect

Attempted to stop and question a male riding a bicycle and the suspect immediately opened fire, initiating a gunbattle - Full Story


NY blue-on-blue came after retired cop yelled 'Gun!'

A retired cop with no business at the scene yelled, "Gun," an official said - Full Story


Deputies in fatal San Diego shooting win lawsuits

"The facts required pretty much a split-second decision the officers' part" - Full Story


Calif. suspect shot by CHP still at large

Jeffrey Daniel Crone refused to follow commands from officers and appeared to be reaching for something in the cab when one of seven officers surrounding Crone's pickup fired four shots, hitting him three times - Full Story


LA cop cleared in immigrant's shooting death

LA cop cleared in immigrant's shooting death

Concluded the Sept. 5 killing of Manuel Jaminez was a proper use of force - Full Story


Firearms Review: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Mike Boyle - Firearms Training and Tactics

Firearms Review: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Ruger’s newest long gun chambered for .308 Winchester is a good fit for certain law enforcement applications - Full Story


Firearms Review: The Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard Richard Fairburn - Law Enforcement Firearms

Firearms Review: The Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard

The.380 Bodyguard is a 180-degree shift away from the short-lived Sigma SW380 and is the first “micro .380” to ship with a laser sighting system built into the frame - Full Story


Training to win a gunfight (versus training for acceptable levels of failure) Dennis Haworth - Firearms Training & Equipment

Training to win a gunfight (versus training for acceptable levels of failure)

Law enforcement range masters must stretch their budgets until they scream, and make a meaningful training event out of every round fired by cops on the line - Full Story

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