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Officer-Involved Shootings

Officer-Involved Shootings

The Officer-Involved Shootings topic page provides news about cops in deadly confrontations, as well as tactical tips and columnists’ perspective on how to handle such situations. Most police officers will go through an entire career without discharging their weapon in the commission of their job. But on a daily basis, every single officer thinks about being in a gunfight.
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Pa. cops hunt for man who shot officer

The suspect pointed a gun at Sgt. Robert Ralston's head, but the officer escaped serious injury - Full Story


Ambush: Awareness means avoidance Richard Fairburn - Law Enforcement Firearms

Ambush: Awareness means avoidance

Though the numbers vary considerably, anywhere from 11 to 20 percent of the officers killed by gunfire each year die in ambush scenarios - Full Story


Pa. officer narrowly avoids fatal gunshot

Sgt. Robert Ralston pushed the gun away from his head just in time - Full Story


Ore. officer expected to recover after shooting

Sgt. John Mikkola, who once saved a police chief's life, was shot by a burglary suspect - Full Story


In rural Wisconsin, a case study in mutual aid Lt. Dan Marcou - Blue Knights

In rural Wisconsin, a case study in mutual aid

A violent domestic, a house fire, a knife-wielding suspect, multiple rescues, and a “seamless response” give us an opportunity to sit back and be amazed - Full Story

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