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Officer-Involved Shootings

Officer-Involved Shootings

The Officer-Involved Shootings topic page provides news about cops in deadly confrontations, as well as tactical tips and columnists’ perspective on how to handle such situations. Most police officers will go through an entire career without discharging their weapon in the commission of their job. But on a daily basis, every single officer thinks about being in a gunfight.
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Truck driver kills Calif. cop in gunfight

Truck driver kills Calif. cop in gunfight

Roadblocks went up and delivery trucks were forced to park as police searched for the big-rig driver - Full Story


Hey, Chief, back your people up!

Hey, Chief, back your people up!

The latest IACP "Police Use of Force in America" study found that coppers use "excessive force" in less than one-half of one percent of their force encounters. Why do chiefs fail to defend their troops? - Full Story


Johannes Mehserle gets 2-years in prison

He will get credit for the 292 days he has already served, which has left Oscar Grant's family angry - Full Story


Ariz. county to pay $2M to La. man shot in eye

The county's deputies were working in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and allegedly shot the man in his eye after a bout of road rage - Full Story


Cops vs. Ninja

This aggressive man, dressed like a ninja, put up a long fight with the cops. "I’m going to get you motherf*ckers," he yelled after he was finally arrested. "You can’t stop me."
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In probable SBC, man with knife threatened Wash. cop

Deputy Rustin Olson shot Quentin Dodd after Dodd yelled "shoot me, shoot me, shoot me," then tried to stab Olson and charged at him - Full Story


Learning to act without thinking Dave Smith - The Winning Mind

Learning to act without thinking

"When I play a musical instrument my goal is to be able to play without thinking!" — Orville Johnson, Musician, Author, Producer - Full Story


3 deputies shot in Fla. hostage situation

Two cops have been released from the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and the third is in critical condition - Full Story


Employee shoots 3 co-workers at Nev. Walmart

Police surrounded the store while the gunman holed up in back - Full Story

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