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Officer-Involved Shootings

Officer-Involved Shootings

The Officer-Involved Shootings topic page provides news about cops in deadly confrontations, as well as tactical tips and columnists’ perspective on how to handle such situations. Most police officers will go through an entire career without discharging their weapon in the commission of their job. But on a daily basis, every single officer thinks about being in a gunfight.
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Deadly force 'only choice' in Calif. knife attack

Man suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one that ripped through his heart - Full Story


NJ woman lied to get gun that killed cop

She lied on a firearms-purchase application for a gun that her boyfriend used to kill a state trooper nine days later - Full Story


Fla. suspect, corrections officer die in gun battle

A massive manhunt for a suspected killer ended in the fatal shoot-out - Full Story


Is your SWAT team ready for rampaging Jihadis? Sgt. Glenn French - SWAT Operator

Is your SWAT team ready for rampaging Jihadis?

Preparing for combat with one or more Jihadist extremists expecting to die while carrying out his/their attacks is the biggest problem facing law enforcement - Full Story


Body armor saves lives of 2 Schenectady SWAT officers Karen L. Bune - Criminals, Victims, and Cops

Body armor saves lives of 2 Schenectady SWAT officers

“They stuck to their training. They knew they had a job to do, and they did a great job.” - Full Story


The 'conspiracy of safety' continues Betsy Brantner Smith - Survival Insights

The 'conspiracy of safety' continues

Only in Stephen King novels does the tractor actually turn on the farmer and try to kill him, but we run toward the shots — it's what crime fighters do - Full Story


Calif. cop kills man who attacked fellow officer with knives

The man tore the TASER barbs from his body and came at the sergeant with the knives above his head - Full Story


Calif. police ID man with fake gun killed by cops

The incident was the third fatal officer-involved shooting in Oakland in a week - Full Story


City razes Fla. house where cops were killed

The officers' deaths come four days after two Miami-Dade County detectives were killed by a murder suspect - Full Story

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