• Reality Training: How do you control the driver during a traffic stop?

    A traffic stop that escalated into a struggle and a shooting serves as a strong reminder of how quickly these incidents can spiral out of control. Dave Smith offers key tips for controlling the driver you've pulled over.

  • Reality Training: 4 traffic stop safety tips

    Traffic stops are one of the most common activities in law enforcement, but don't let familiarity cause you to get too comfortable. Dave Smith reviews footage of a stop that quickly erupted in gunfire and provides four key safety tips.

  • Deadly hesitation and the aftermath of UOF encounters

    A series of high-profile police shootings have raised concerns about a possible rise in deadly hesitation among officers. Matt Steihm addresses this issue, and outlines some areas police departments should focus on in order to restore officers' confidence in their ability to use deadly force.

  • Fatal LAPD shooting of man armed with steel pipe

    Police said the suspect was armed with a 4-to-5-foot long pipe outside a downtown restaurant.

  • Reality Training: Deadly force against armed, fleeing subjects

    Dave Smith reviews video of an officer-involved shooting that highlights two important topics: contacts with familiar suspects and the use of deadly force against armed, fleeing subjects.

  • Reality Training: Spontaneous assault in a parking lot

    A property crime that erupted in gunfire serves as an important reminder that any situation can suddenly escalate into a deadly encounter. Dave Smith reviews the footage to provide key officer safety tips.

  • IPRA releases video of fatal shooting of Richard Grimes

    Last November, police fatally shot Richard Grimes, who was suspected of shooting a pregnant 24-year-old woman in the abdomen.

  • Reality Training: 5 key foot pursuit tactics

    Dave Smith reviews a foot pursuit that ended in the shooting of an officer to review key tactics for survival, including the importance of self-aid, tactical breathing, and having a tactical mindset.

  • Lawyers release footage of fatal Calif. OIS

    A state civil rights and wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed against Fontana and its police department.

  • Calif. cops shoot man after scuffle

    Officers shot the suspect after he allegedly attacked police who were responding to a restraining order violation.

  • Chicago cops kill suspect after coming across shooting in progress

    Police said the gunman fired on another person near a busy intersection.

  • Video: Robbery suspect shot after U-haul pursuit in Ariz.

    A veteran sergeant shot and wounded a robbery suspect who appeared to be pointing a handgun at a mother and child.

  • Baltimore police shoot knife-wielding man

    The two videos show the officers approaching the apartment and a shirtless man opening the door and yelling, "Time to die! Time to die!"

  • Attorney calls for 'justice' in Texas OIS

    Police say the suspect pointed a box cutter at the deputy prior to the shooting; the attorney claims the suspect didn't have the weapon in his hand.

  • Police officer hit in La. pursuit

    The officer is being treated for an injured leg and the suspect for a bullet wound in the stomach.

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