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Officer Survival
The Police Officer Survival topic page includes a wealth of articles, videos and training tips to help keep police officers safe on the streets. Read columnist commentary and learn about the latest techniques to employ in survival situations to come home safely after every shift.
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December 13, 2015

Video: LA sheriff's deputies fatally shoot armed man

Two deputies fired 33 bullets at the man after he refused to drop his gun - Full Story
December 13, 2015

Armed man threatening Wal-Mart customers shot, killed by Pa. police

State police said officers ordered suspect to drop his weapon, but he refused "and continued to point the weapon at the officers" - Full Story
December 11, 2015

Officers on the beat see changes as tension rises on patrol

Police feel their job has changed after more than a year of high-profile deadly confrontations - Full Story
December 10, 2015

New charges against Pa. cop killer

The suspect said he didn't know Lloyd E. Reed Jr. was an officer - Full Story
December 07, 2015

Trending Topics: When a suspect sets a trap

By PoliceOne Staff A brutal attack on a Colorado police officer is just the latest incident in the disturbing... - Full Story
December 07, 2015

San Bernardino massacre shows growing role for women in terrorism, worries LEOs

The increasing number of IS women is worrisome and makes it hard to flag the prototypical recruit for investigation - Full Story
December 07, 2015

Md. officer fighting for life after struck by possible DUI driver

Officer Noah Leotta was returning to his cruiser after a traffic stop when he was struck by another vehicle - Full Story
December 06, 2015
California's strict gun laws failed to stop mass shooting

California's strict gun laws failed to stop mass shooting

The deadly shooting in San Bernardino happened in a state with some of the nation's toughest gun laws - Full Story
December 06, 2015

Video: Razor-wielding suspect shot and killed in Fla. robbery attempt

Person who made the 911 call said a suspect was armed with a bomb and had passed a note to the teller - Full Story
December 04, 2015

Video forensics expert: Audio in viral Chicago OIS video is doctored

The Chicago Police Department spokesman also said its in-house experts determined the audio is not authentic - Full Story

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