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Dash cam captures police shooting suspect as he flees in SUV

Roberto Mendez refused to exit the vehicle, then peeled off, nearly striking a Santa Fe police officer.


Video: Raw footage of Memphis stand-off released

Dramatic video shows officer wounded, dragged to safety.


Ga. struggle sends officer and suspect through store window

Video allegedly chronicles an incident reported to have taken place late Saturday night following the popular 'Pirate Fest'.


Off-duty Texas officer killed in car crash

The officer died in a two-vehicle traffic accident while driving to work in an unmarked patrol car.


Officer shot while attempting to halt robbery

A police officer working as security in a Brazilian clothing store was shot in the head as he attempted to stop a robbery.


The most likeable officer

This police officer has a record number of filed complaints: zero.


Officer dragged along road after traffic stop

Officers pulled over a BMW for a traffic violation, only to discover the driver was underage.


Officer rescue scenario run

Footage of a scenario run at the Hill College Law Enforcement Training Center in Texas.


Drunk suspect kicks officer

Footage of an intoxicated man kicking an officer and the subsequent take-down.


Cop without protection among rescuers of plane crash victims

A police officer was among those that rescued plane crash victims.

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