Free Webinar: Smart Tactics for Evaluating and Purchasing IT for Law Enforcement

PoliceOne is proud to present the following Webinar in partnership with Panasonic. The webinar is FREE for law enforcement and critical for anyone involved in the department purchasing process for technology:

Smart Tactics for Evaluating and Purchasing IT for Law Enforcement

Thursday, April 12th, 2:00PM EST

How risky is your IT buying strategy? Are you lured into blindly trusting vendors armed with persuasive claims of affordability and effectiveness? Does your department struggle with the complexities of evaluating new technologies and IT solutions? 

When it’s time to make the buy, do you really have the intel you need to make a smart decision?

A FREE Webinar, “Smart Tactics for Evaluating and Purchasing IT for Law Enforcement” presented by Panasonic and, will ensure you do.

On April 12, 2007 at 2PM EST, IT expert Jason Buk will teach you to:

  • Spot signs of manipulation in vendors’ cost & effectiveness reports.

  • Target and secure the real information needed to determine an IT system’s functionality and financial feasibility.

  • Enlist appropriate decision-makers in your evaluation process and avoid unnecessary drain on time and personnel.

  • Enhance your overall ability to make timely, informed purchases.

Tactical decisions and IT buying decisions have one thing in common: making the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences. Join other buyers from agencies nationwide during this free Webinar and make your IT purchasing ironclad.

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If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please contact Rachel Fretz at (415) 962-8316.

How it Works:

This webinar is FREE for Law Enforcement. It combines an online powerpoint presentation and video with live audio. The live audio is delivered directly over the telephone to provide clear, reliable sound quality. The program is live and interactive; you will be able to ask questions of the presenter or presenters at the end of the presentation. The visual part of the presentation will be delivered via Internet, which you may view on your personal computer. You may wish to use a projector system to allow for group viewing.

Use a speakerphone and ask as many people to listen in as you wish. Each site is entitled to one (1) toll-free telephone connection to the seminar, which will be provided after registration.